What is a hand-tied flower bouquet?

A long-standing tradition throughout Europe, the hand-tied bouquet is a floral arrangement made without any container, but that is constructed in a way in which it holds together perfectly and can be handled and maintained easily by both giver and receiver. Hand-tied bouquets require a specific level of skill and practice in order to make a beautiful, well-balanced bouquet, and should not be confused with bridal bouquets. Each hand-tied bouquet has a firm tie-point at which a perfectly-selected ribbon holds the entire bouquet!

There are many styles in which hand-tied bouquets can be designed: round, horizontal, vertical, asymmetrical, and they can be arranged with a natural frame or environmentally-friendly pre-made bouquet holder.

What occasions are good for giving a hand-tied bouquet?

Virtually any personal occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or dinner party is a great reason to give a hand-tied bouquet. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Host/Hostess gift
  • Memorable dates
  • Weddings
  • Special personal events

With Regal Flower Design, you choose the color palette you’d like to see in your bouquet and we’ll match your palette with the flowers available on the market that day (all flowers are selected fresh per order). We can also special order flowers that may not be immediately available.

Suggested Styles for Hand-Tied Bouquets

With Regal Flower Design’s customizable bouquets, you can personalize your hand-tied bouquet to fit just about anything for anyone:

  • Create a bouquet based on the recipient’s age or gender
  • Incorporate the person’s favorite colors and/or flowers
  • For young women: bouquets should be small or medium-sized, made with bright colors that are playful and/or romantic, such as our sweet bouquets in Court Circle category: Gerbera and Anemone
  • Roses are perfect for women of any age as they reflect beauty and harmony, such as our Majestic Rose#3
  • When giving flowers to men, emphasize status and respect by doing a vertical bouquet, such as our Majestic Rose #2 or loosely tied wrapped lilies in Imperial Lily#1.

Hand-Tied Bouquets vs. Ordinary Vase-Assembled Arrangements

Hand-tied bouquets offer the following advantages:

  • They can be presented without a heavy, fragile container
  • Hand-tied bouquets are tied firmly and do not fall apart
  • This type of flower arrangement usually include wrapping which allows them to be placed on any clean, horizontal surface without danger of being damaged
  • Hand-tied bouquets allow for easier care and maintenance due to the way they are arranged
  • All flowers are purchased specifically for your order, ensuring freshness and originality
  • With easier and better maintenance, hand-tied bouquets last longer

Regal Flower Design Wrapping Materials and Accessories.

With nature serving as one of our constant inspirations, it is only fitting that the wrappings for our arrangements reflect this principle.

Wrapping material for any floral arrangement is a very important part of the entire design. The moment you receive the flowers your senses are stimulated with wonderful colors and a delicate scent – but what about those receiving hands? How much more pleasant would it be to touch a natural material rather than the usual cheap plastic wrapping? The carefully-selected wrapping materials made of natural fibers add a level of sophistication and style to our arrangements that complements the pure beauty of flower.

Wide spectrum of natural accessories, like various branches, preserved flowers, moss, natural fiber textiles and twines etc, allows for endless creativity when it comes to designing flower arrangements for individuals and interior decoration.

Wrapping Materials 1
Wrapping Materials 2
Wrapping Materials 3

Blumebox                                                                  IMG_9040

Convenience of a hand-tied bouquet

There are smart alternatives to a glass vase – European-style carry boxes and recyclable paper vases. These are perfect stunning presentation and for transporting flowers, the water will not spill in your car.

It is a low-cost, eco-friendly and stylish element of our designs.

Steps to keep your flowers fresh

Make sure to use a clean vase
Discard any leaves that fall below the water line
Use a commercial floral preservative or make your own (see below)
Change the water and trim the stems every other day; make sure to cut the stems at an angle
Put your bouquet in a cool, shady place, away from ripe fruits

Make your own floral preservative:

2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice or vinegar
1 tbsp of sugar
1 quart of water