Yana Poulson, flower designer

Yana Poulson flower designer


Throughout her life, Yana has always had a passion for two things: nature and art. Her love of nature led her to become a biologist and her love of art translated itself into floral design.

In 2006, Yana attended one of the oldest flower design schools in Europe, Flower Design of Britain in South West England. Under the guidance of teachers Barbara Shakespeare and Geoffrey Hughes, Yana was taught the indispensable skills necessary for the floral industry while developing her own personal floral design style. 

For over 10 years Yana worked as a professional floral designer, creating unique arrangements for weddings, private events and businesses, as well as creating bouquets for retail customers in a small shop she owned in Middlesex, Vermont (2014-2017).

Now, Regal Flower Design is a home-based studio offering local flower delivery 7 days a week and open for pick-ups and event design consults.

Why the name "Regal"

regal flower design


The word “regal” denotes what people should feel when giving gifts to their loved ones: that it is the best, that it is something beautiful and thoughtful, with rich colors and impeccable design. Yana’s appreciation of art and music – particularly for the Renaissance and Baroque periods – led her to infuse the thought of “regal” into her floral design work in the form of color, design, inspiration and meaning. Yana believes that every bouquet given should have a stately character and deliver the message that the receiver is truly the King or Queen of the giver’s heart. By choosing Regal Floral Design for your flowers, your loved ones will know you’ve chosen the best.

 Regal Flower Design philosophy: each bouquet is a unique art piece, reflecting the season and personal message.

We are generous with flowers and time put into creation of each gift, also offering  delivery to many towns of Central Vermont EVERY DAY (including weekends and Holidays) in any weather, so we believe this justifies the delivery rates. Thank you for understanding!