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What is a hand-tied bouquet?


 A long-standing tradition throughout Europe, the hand-tied bouquet is a floral arrangement made without any container, but that is constructed in a way in which it holds together perfectly and can be handled easily in one hand. Hand-tied bouquets require a specific level of skill and practice in order to make a beautiful, well-balanced bouquet. Each hand-tied bouquet has a firm tie-point at which a ribbon holds the entire bouquet.

There are many styles in which hand-tied bouquets can be designed: round, horizontal, vertical, asymmetrical, and they can be arranged with a natural wrap or pre-made bouquet holder.

Hand-Tied vs. Ordinary Vase-Assembled


 Hand-tied bouquets offer the following advantages:

  • They can be presented without a heavy, fragile container
  • Hand-tied bouquets are tied firmly and do not fall apart
  • Hand-tied bouquets allow for easier care, transport and maintenance due to the way they are arranged
  • With easier and better maintenance, hand-tied bouquets last longer

Natural wraps, never plastics


 We love how craft papers and fiber textiles complement the beauty and freshness of the flowers. The textiles we use are made from fibers which come from the same plant family as the banana tree. Our natural textiles are  hand-made and hand-dyed. 


Wrapping materials made of natural fibers add a level of sophistication and style to our arrangements.

Wide spectrum of natural accessories, like various branches, preserved flowers, moss, natural fiber textiles and twines etc, allows for endless creativity when it comes to designing flower arrangements for individuals and interior decoration.